February 27, 2018
Insert posh word for omelette…

Ok so one thing I love doing is cooking and coming up with my own recipes. It might have something to do with me always having to go my own way but I’ll save that discussion for a date with a therapist one day!

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February 17, 2018
Kicki, Sam & the Glam squad

Earlier this year I had the honor of meeting one of the industry’s hardest working boss ladies, Kicki Norman. The bare thought of lunching with her scared the crap out of me until when I actually did lunch with her and got to be inspired by her awesomeness and the zero eff she gives to follow rules, expectations or anything not in line with her own values and beliefs!

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February 6, 2018
Team Huda

Post in collaboration with Vass PR /Huda Beauty Ok so I don’t have lots to say about this highlight palette beside that I love it!

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